The Services Offered

  • Mooring with water and electricity at the dock, restrooms, wi-fi and garden area
  • Dry dock and fully equipped service areas
  • Car park
  • Cofferdam for cleaning and painting the hull
  • Treatment with antifouling paint and osmosis protection
  • Dismasting and re-masting
  • Hull maintenance and repair
  • Painting electrical and mechanical assistance
  • Interventions on internal and external upholstery
  • Covering with heat-shrink sheeting
  • Transferring vessels with test plates
  • Assistance and brokerage for selling and buying boats

Laying Up

C.D. NAUTICA provides its customers with boat spaces for sailboats and motorboats with the possibility of mooring on the river Magra or inside its own wet dock.

The dry dock has large service areas for the vessels, which can be covered with heat-shrink sheeting allowing inspections and controls because they have air intakes and entry points.

Each ship owner has the possibility of reaching the mooring point by car for the operations of loading and unloading from the vessel and of parking it in the adjacent areas.

Vessel Management

C.D. NAUTICA, with the acquisition of all the staff of NAUTIC.A 360°, with whom the company already collaborated, operates in close collaboration with the staff of NAUTICA 360° s.r.l. which commits its experience and skill to provide the client with a series of nautical services and complete assistance to the vessels moored.
The ship owner thus always has professionals available who can solve unexpected problems regarding their own boat.

Our team takes care of your vessel in the smallest details:


Immediately after haulage, carried out with our crane, the vessel is transferred to the cofferdam where it is promptly washed and sanded by a worker to eliminate residual scale. This operation prevents the accumulation of too many layers of the old product on the hull and thus delays the necessary periodical intervention of totally removing the paint.

The products used in all the phases of the process are carefully chosen from the best antifouling paints on the market and application by brush allows a better coverage of all the parts.

Axles and Propellers

Particular care is afforded to the axles and propellers. Indeed after being sanded and degreased, they are painted by brush with products aimed at reducing the formation of vegetation and scaling, which represent the main causes of the vessel’s malfunctioning and increased fuel consumption.

Osmosis Treatment

Osmosis should be treated with great care and professional skill. Specific treatment is carried out in the event of osmosis localised only on some parts and total treatments when the osmosis is extended to the whole hull.
In any case the part to be treated is prepared by sand blasting, smoothing or sanding with disks.

Then specific products are applied with a spatula/knife to seal the defect, the holes and the porosity.

The berths are equipped with columns providing electricity, water and night lighting

All the garden and berthing areas have free wi-fi coverage

Guests remaining at the mooring can enjoy the green spaces of a fresh garden with sunbeds, tables, barbecues for grills with friends and pleasant evenings by the enchanting river

The guests also have a reading room with books and role play games and an area with a kitchenette and sink, where there are also automatic vending machines with drinks and snacks