In 2012 C.D. NAUTICA started its journey which led to it obtaining the ISO 14001:2004 Certification for its own Environmental Management System and to obtain, in the year 2017, the switching to the certification in order to comply with the new regulation 14001:2015.
By implementing an Environmental Management System in accordance with the UNI EN ISO standard, the company C.D. NAUTICA aims to manage all the activities and processes that influence the environment in a coordinated manner, by monitoring the environmental impact of its activities and setting objectives aimed at continuous improvement of its own performances as regards the environment.
These objectives and studying the various aspects determined after a careful “Initial Environmental Analysis” have allowed the management’s strengths and weaknesses to be highlighted, by laying the base for drawing up its own Environmental policy.

Environmental Policy

Aware of the effects of their own productive activity, the company C.D. Nautica Srl intends to contribute to ensuring the improvement of the environmental quality of the territory.

Convinced that the environmental compatibility of the activity carried out within the site is an essential element for both the improvement of the client’s well-being and the coexistence of the activities with the nearby areas of natural interest, C.D. Nautica undertakes to:

  • Respect the environmental legislation, all the rules and the other requirements undersigned applicable to its activities and to the further prescriptions which apply to its own environmental aspects;
  • Optimise the collection and management of the waste, employing resources to improve the dedicated structures, providing incentives for selective waste collection and through a clear work of improving the awareness of customers and suppliers operating within the Company and all the operating personnel;
  • Preventing and reducing pollution connected to the activity carried out within the site, and in particular to the activities of vessel maintenance, spillage in the soil, through awareness programmes and controls on the work of the renting company and of the external companies and contractors.
  • Promoting the rational use of water and energy resources through a clear work of promoting the awareness of customers, suppliers operating in the Company and all the personnel;
  • Increasing the functionality of the green areas in order to establish a clear connection with the identity and the natural quality of the places;
  • Programming new project elements by taking account of use of materials and resources aimed at guaranteeing the environmental sustainability of the intervention;
  • Guaranteeing an efficient monitoring system of the most significant environmental aspects connected to the services provided to the client and to the activities carried out within the area;
  • Seeking the continual improvement of their own environmental performances by defining measurable and comparable objectives and targets and environmental indicators;
  • Informing and making third parties operating on the site and suppliers aware so that they act in full respect of the environment and in conformity with the environmental policy of the organisation;
  • Actuating structural and managerial measures to prevent environmental accidents and guarantee a suitable response in the event of them occurring, with particular attention to leakage of substances like fuel and flammable substances;

The management is personally involved in respecting and actuating these principles by assuring and periodically verifying the environmental objectives and targets and ensuring that the Environmental Policy is documented, periodically updated, kept active and disseminated to all the internal personnel, to its suppliers and contractors and made available to the public.